Major Cities in Haryana


1. Karnal

Karnal is a connecting point on the National Roadway 1 (NH1), where the highway is well-maintained and recognised for exporting and manufacturing basmati rice. The surrounding area is also suitable for residential purposes.

So lovely, clean, and simple to live in, plus it’s one of the most important cities in the state of Haryana. It is sometimes referred to as the Kingdom of Karan. It is beneficial for gaming, education, and the finest future.

Karnal is the most beautiful location on the planet; there are several gorgeous parks, hotels, a stadium, a lake, a college, and numerous attractive young ladies. Karnal is a highly safe and popular tourist destination.

The city is ranked among the top cities in India for vegetation, literacy rate, male to female sex ratio, cleanliness, and overall peace and quiet.

It has the highest level of life in the state of Haryana.


2. Hisar

Hisar is one of the most beautiful cities in Haryana. Hisar is a tidy and immaculately clean city. In addition, it is a major educational centre in Haryana. Three of the world’s most prestigious universities are located here. Hissar has a thriving automobile industry.

A large number of picnic areas may be found here. Hisar is the finest in all of his fields. Hisar has a great quality of life. Hisar is also known as the “Medicine Capital of Haryana.” When compared to other cities, Hisar is the top in all disciplines.

Hisar is a neat and clean city in Haryana, as well as a medical and educational centre that is rapidly developing in terms of industry, roadways, and a pleasant way of life. Haryana’s cleanest city is also its most populous. Developed by its own initiative, amid political indifference. Very secure place to live, with wide roads and excellent educational and health facilities.

3. Rohtak

Rohtak is the most desirable city in Haryana from every perspective. Education facilities, medical facilities, transportation facilities, train connectivity, and an industrial sector are all present, resulting in a plethora of employment opportunities for kids in the region.

The city is located near the national capital of Delhi and is part of the National Capital Region (NCR). This city has the potential to evolve into a smart city, a world-class city, and that it can easily become a smart city with the cooperation of the local community and the government.

Excellent neighbourhood to live in. Environment that is both pleasant and healthful. There are several options available in every sector. Enhanced business growth chances are on the horizon. Medical, educational, industrial, and transportation amenities of every kind. It is the most beautiful city in Haryana, and it is the very definition of the state of Haryana.

4. Gurgaon

gurgaon haryana

The city of Gurgaon is growing at a rapid rate, and a large number of enterprises are locating here. Excellent educational facilities, as well as excellent shopping centres. It is an excellent city to visit for recreational purposes. Excellent city with excellent infrastructure, but it has the potential to be far better.

Another reason to recommend this city is that you should come and visit here more than once; you will simply like it; unfortunately, traffic is a mess caused by the state government.

5. Sonipat

Sonipat will be one of the top three most populous metropolitan areas in India, behind only Faridabad and Gurgaon. After Faridabad and Gurgaon, it has the third-largest industrial area in the country. After including villages ranging from Biswa to Murthal into the municipal corporation of Sonipat, the city’s population is expected to rise up to 6 lacs by 2021.

Sonipat is the most important educational centre in Haryana. The overall land area of the city has grown to around 300 square kilometres. First and foremost, Sonipat is well-known for its sportspeople and holds the number one spot in the entire country. Second, there are several top-notch restaurants and Dhabas in this area.

The city of Sonipat is one of the fastest growing in northern India, with a cargo airport currently under construction on the gt road, and is also known for its roadside dhabas in Murthal.

6. Rewari

Rewari is recognised as the “Brass City” of India, and the Steam Loco (museum of steam engines of rail) in the city is a popular tourist destination. There have been no reports of violence in the city, making it the safest city in Harayan ever. The busiest railway intersection in the world. Rewari is the cleanest city in Haryana, and it has all of the necessary amenities.

7. Panipat

Panipat is the ideal place to reside in since it has several malls, stadiums, parks, hotels, and restaurants, among other amenities. It isn’t the most beautiful city, but it has all of the necessary amenities and draws a large number of work prospects. The finest place to live in the world, with the best facilities.

It is the second most prosperous city in Haryana after Gurgaon, and it is also the most entertaining, thanks to its numerous shopping malls and multiplexes. It is sometimes referred to as “The Textile City.” The city is known for its textile and handloom industries.

8. Kurukshetra

kurukshetra haryana

It boasts excellent railway and road connectivity, a combination of rural and urban infrastructure, is a reasonably priced city to live in, and, in addition to its historical significance, it has a large number of educational institutions.

In terms of pollution, it ranks first due to the fact that it is not an industrial area and is less congested. The best educational institutions that are currently accessible the best in terms of transportation connection and distance from the National Capital Region.

NIT, Kurukshetra University, planned perpendicular broad roadways to dozens of tourism places, serene hassle-free serene life are all part of the mix of history and modernity in this city.

9. Sirsa

This city is significantly underappreciated. Pay a visit here since the roads are broader and easier to navigate. There are several attractions, such as Dera Sacha Sauda, Tara Baba Kutiya, and others. When compared to other places, the crime rate is extremely low, pollution is non-existent, and the people are kind and supportive.

The people of Sirsa are extremely helpful and civilized. It is unlike other towns in Haryana since it has the greatest border connection with Punjab. As a result, the majority of the inhabitants of Sirsa talk in Punjabi, and the level of life in this city is really high.

Pleasant living, lovely roads with little traffic, surrounded by magnificent green fields, and just a few companies contribute to the city’s attractiveness and pollution-free environment.

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