Haryana – A Glimpse of Real India and a Miraculous Land

Haryana offers a glimpse of true India – the picturesque landscape, the abundance of historical and cultural sites, the miraculous atmosphere all make the region one of the most interesting, most important and most attractive tourist destinations in the entire country.

Situated very close to Delhi, the area is rich in venues of interest for tourists, but at the same time known as the greenest region of India, being surprisingly calm and relaxed – whether you want to explore the natural beauty of the region, you are a hiking enthusiast or you want to visit breathtakingly beautiful historical monuments, you are certainly in for the experience of a lifetime. In what follows, we would like to describe just a few of the incredible sites and possibilities of Haryana – just a few of the places to see and the things to do.


haryana cityThe capital of Haryana is an incredible city, actually the first one in India that embraced the idea of city planning. The city is structured around wide, airy boulevards, the air is completely free from pollution, being almost unique in this respect in urban India and the cultural richness of the place offers the tourist an overwhelming abundance of programs.

Patel Park

This huge, rich park is situated in the middle of the city of Ambala, the capital of Haryana. The park serves as a recreational space for people of all ages – children play on the playgrounds, the elderly relax in the shade and young people come here to unwind after a busy day.


Kurushetra, another famous and appreciated tourist destination in Haryana is often referred to as the Land of Holy Legends. Indeed, the battlefield described in one of India’s most ancient and most famous heroic epics, the Mahabharata, takes the visitor to a mythical land, where they can admire not only the sacred shrines that serve as Hindu pilgrimage sites, such as Brahma Samovar and Rajghat, but also places of general cultural interest such as Dharohar.

Haryana has something to offer to those interested in technological achievements as well: the Lights and Sound Show of Kurushetra is one of the most spectacular shows of the kind, while lovers of nature can visit Saraswati Forest Reserve and explore the local flora and fauna.


If you are more interested in natural sites than in spiritual venues, in Sultanpur National Park you will surely find what you are looking for. The place is only about an hour’s drive from Delhi, but a world apart. It astounds the visitor with its richness from the very first glimpse, but it is especially preferred by bird watching enthusiasts – between October and March, you can see huge flocks of migratory birds and the park itself gives home to an incredible 450 different species of birds. Weaver birds, egrets and doves are just as easy to spot here as flamingos, cranes or wagtails – a real paradise for nature photographers.

Natural Sites

Several venues of great natural beauty are easy to get to from Delhi as well. Badkal Lake is only about 20 miles from the city – the serene lake with beautiful gardens around will certainly offer the relaxation you are looking for.

Dumdama Lake is also a place you cannot afford to miss, especially if you love water sports like angling or canoeing. The lake is surrounded by the Aravalli Hills, creating a wonderful, mixed landscape.

A Place for Adventurers

Adventure tourism is at home in Haryana. You can take part in river rafting, rock climbing, walking or trekking trips, but if you would like to have a bird’s eye view over the entire state, you can choose para-sailing as well.

The historical, cultural, religious and natural sites and unforgettable cityscapes you will find in Haryana will certainly make your trip unforgettable. If you would like to find out more about the history, geography and culture of the state so that you can create an itinerary for your trip based on the most accurate information about the region, visit haryana.gov.in – you will be able to find not only a wealth of interesting and important facts about the area, but also the government portal of a modern Indian state. There are other great official informational sites about Haryana as well – try sites ending in “hry .in” and you will find what you are looking for.

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